Little-known Case Allows Van Taylor to Reap Big Rewards for Client

Van Taylor Wins Decision for Auto Accident client

Charleston area personal injury attorney Van Taylor recently made a creative argument that won the day and led to the creation of new case law. The result stands to benefit injured people across the state by making more insurance coverage available to them.

According to an article published in South Carolina Lawyers Weekly Taylor represented “LaShaunae Steward, a 16-year-old girl who was hurt in a crash with an underinsured driver while she was riding in an uninsured car.”

Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer J Van Wyck Taylor Attorney at Law

Auto accident attorney Van Taylor recently made new case law with his argument and win representing his client

Because of Taylor’s astute reading of case law, his client was able to receive damages. Auto accident cases such as Ms. Steward’s were previously overlooked by attorneys. However, since Taylor’s win on behalf of Ms. Steward, other attorneys may begin to take notice of this decision by the court.

Taylor’s law partner and son accident attorney Howard Taylor said in the article, “My dad talked with other lawyers before trying to do this and they told him, ‘You’re not going to be able to do it,’” he said. “But he looked at the law and the case law and said, ‘Well, I don’t see why not.’”

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